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Can it be fixed? Could you please read the following and tell me what you think — or direct me to some of your videos that might help? I’m sorry this is so long! Any product recommendations for someone who doesn’t want to get so frustrated that she might throw all the equipment out the window? It tried to load it, but did not recognize the DVD. I wasn’t sure what type of format was used to create the DVD movie. I only know it was made by a friend who has experience in creating DVD copies. Afterward, I tried other DVDs store-bought shows like “The Munsters” that used to work in the player, but they don’t play either. I tried them in my sister’s DVD player, with the same results. Do you know why?

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Play media Around the Corner In the United States, the Nielsen ratings system measures audience viewership of television programs, and provides a way for television broadcasters to determine how popular their television shows are, so that they can decide what rates to charge advertisers for air time. For each hour in a broadcast day, advertisements take up a fairly large portion of the time.

Commercial breaks have become longer. In the s a typical hour-long American show would run for 51 minutes excluding advertisements.

Apr 01,  · How to Hook a VCR Up to DirecTV. Part of the series: Direct TV Installation. Hooking up a VCR to DirecTV requires using a standard RF or coaxial input connection to send a signal from the satellite receiver into the VCR or DVD recorder. Hook up DirecTV to external electronics with information from an electronics store owner in this free video on satellite TV.

How to use your Video RF Modulator with your other components. Use a Coax cable from the modulator’s “to TV” connector and hook it to a: Our “RF Modulator Kit comes with one. It has two coax inputs and one coax output. Hook up the coax cable to the side that has “two” of the coax inputs on the 75 ohm switch box. From the 75 ohm switch box you will need a: Coax cable to connect to the coax input on your TV.

Connect the coax output from the VCR the other coax input on the 75 ohm switch box. Put a tape on the VCR to play.

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This wikiHow teaches you how to connect a DVD player, VCR, and digital cable box to your television using the best possible connections. On the back or side of your TV, there will be several ports to which you can attach cables. Depending on your TV’s age and model, you should see some or all of the following: RCA – Red, yellow, and white circular ports. HDMI – A flat, wide input used for high-definition appliances.

Jun 25,  · Hi i have a surround sound with five speakers and one subwoofer and i only have a green jack which is normal for most computers but if you only have the green one.

You can hook up your karaoke machine to either your television or your VCR. You can get the best sound from your karaoke machine by adding extra speakers or a karaoke mixer to your basic karaoke machine. Most add ons can be hooked up easily with speaker wire or red, yellow and white cable connectors. Place the yellow video cord into the video-out port on the karaoke machine and the other end into the video-in port on the back of your TV set.

Step Connect the audio-out cord to route the sound through your TV speakers. Take the white cord and plug it into the left audio-out port on your TV. Then plug the other end of the code into the white auxiliary left port on the karaoke machine. Step Finish hooking the audio up to your TV by connecting the red cord to your karaoke machine.

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The Numbers Game Note: This article has been updated for to accomodate the latest technology and terms. It used to be that only the affluent could afford a flat screen TV.

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June 25, 8 comments I want to share some of my readers creations that have been emailed to me. Several of my crafty readers have sent me photos of their completed plarn plastic bag yarn , VCR, and cassette tape recycled bags. Click on any of the photos to supersize them. She did put one more row of sc around the top before starting the handle.

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A reciever is key, but no necessary For best results and to include surround sound you need a receiver. If not doing surround sound you may be able to plug all of them into your TV at once. If not I say get a receiver. If you have an HD Tivo you can get a cable card from your cable company and do away with the cable box.

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The redesigned Super NES uses the same hookup steps listed below. Connect the red end of the cable to Audio “in” Right. Connect the white end of the cable to the Audio “in” Left. Use a slight twisting motion when inserting each cable and ensure the cables are firmly pressed into the input. If you have a mono VCR with only one Audio input, click here for a diagram of how the hook-up will look.

The Y-adapter pictured is optional; you can also simply leave the white cable disconnected instead.

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Sorry, something has gone wrong. Here are the main reasons: Just like any other consumer electronic in the end you get what you pay for. Cheap products are like disposable razors they are NOT designed to last for a long time and you will end up replacing them every 2 months.

Edit Article How to Hook up a Dvd Recorder to a Dvd Player to Record. This article explains how to connect a DVD player to a DVD recorder in order to transfer media from one disk to the other without the use of a computer.

To skip ahead to the setup for your equipment, find the equipment you own in the table of contents below, and click on the link. Feel free to contact me if you spot an error in one or more of these wiring diagrams. Connecting a custom TiVo setup 1. With this setup you can record cable TV with the TiVo while you are watching another basic cable channel using the tuner in the TV.

You switch between cable and the TiVo by using the “input select” button on your TV’s remote. You switch between the Receiver and cable by using the “input select” button on your TV’s remote. This setup relies upon the ability of the TV to either automatically choose between S-Video and composite video on the same line input or having two line inputs. Remove the S-Video cable from the receiver to the TV. If a 3-way splitter causes too much signal loss, you may have to use a 2-way splitter.

If a 2-way splitter causes too much signal loss, you may have to connect cable to the VCR. This setup lacks flexibility, for example, you will be unable to watch the D-TiVo while the VCR is recording from cable. With this setup you can record satellite programs or cable with the TiVo and cable with the VCR while you are watching another cable channel using the tuner in the TV.


The presence of a new Samsung TV–or even an older one with a tube screen–might raise some concerns about how to properly hook it up. This is a series of three jacks grouped together and color marked yellow, red and white. The yellow outlet controls the video signal, the red outlet controls the right-hand audio signal and the white outlet controls the left-hand audio signal. There will probably be more than one set of RCA jacks. You want the ones labeled under “Out” or “Video Out.

Samsung flat-screens group them with a number of other types of jacks near the power cord.

Mar 31,  · Security cameras typically connect to a recording device for capturing video of the area under surveillance. Digital video recorders are a popular option for this connection due to their long recording times on an internal hard drive and ease of use.

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How to Hook Up a VCR to a TV. In this Article: Using a Coaxial Cable Using AV Cables Community Q&A This wikiHow teaches you how to connect a VHS player to your TV. While VHS players are considered obsolete technology at this point, you can still hook a VHS player up to most TVs using either a coaxial cable or a set of AV cables.

Would you like to merge this question into it? MERGE already exists as an alternate of this question. Would you like to make it the primary and merge this question into it? MERGE exists and is an alternate of. Most VCR’s have line in and line out connectors. The red connector is for the right channel sound, the white is for the left. The yellow is for the video in and out. The Supreme Court ruled that it is legal to record television showsto play at a more convenient time.

This is different than obtaininga copy to avoid paying for the movie and causing economic harm tothe movie company. Read about the decision of UniversalStudios v. Sony Corporation of America. Rogers said he had noproblem with families playing his show at a more convenient time. As far as recording goes, you can record shows over and over, but watch your DVR’s capacity.

Just like a computer hard drive a DVR hard drive will fill up over time, so you’ll ha…ve to delete shows to make room for new ones.

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