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Producer Almir Listo has apologised fans in a video update and on Reddit, and promises that the game will start to get updates on a more regular basis. You deserve to get updates on a more regular basis, and we understand it’s frustrating to see the PC version of the game getting update after update while you wait to know what’s going on,” said Listo on Reddit. Our ambition is to give you more updates like this, be it weekly or biweekly. Even though some weeks might be slower than others and not contain any important news, we still want to keep you posted and make sure you know that we’re still working on everything and haven’t stopped supporting either of the platforms. This is a solution that is built from the ground up, as the previous matchmaking system we have for PS4 and PC doesn’t work well with your platform. Right now this is our number one priority. Our ambition is to go live with the new matchmaking system and additional fixes within the coming weeks, and no later than the end of the year.

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Download Silent Assassin This mod changes Payday 2’s stealth gameplay changing the dynamic created by guards and pagers. Now, when you kill an unaware guard with a single shot, no pager goes off. The guard died too quickly to call in reinforcements.

PAYDAY 2. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos Workshop News Guides Reviews I understand that overkill have allot on their plate at the moment but I and allot of my freinds feel that some sort of matchmaking system that would really help the payday community. Showing of 12 comments Loregar. Jun 7, @ pm.

Create New A general one, not necessarily coming from but heavily inspired by Call of Duty due to the popularity of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare , is the prevalence of “aim down sights” ADS among old-school players. Early FPS games did not have any sort of aiming mechanism, your gun just fired wherever you pointed it.

Typically the gun was oriented directly within the character’s line of sight but as time went on it became more sensible to hold the weapon off to an angle since holding a shotgun directly in front of your chest then firing would probably break one’s sternum. However as more modern FPS games began to rise, the realization set in that firing from this position would be inaccurate in a real firefight. So bullet spread when firing from the hip was added to be more realistic and it was compensated for by adding the ability to bring the sights of the weapon to your character’s eye level, effectively meaning you were now firing from the character’s shoulder.

When fired like this, a weapon would have dead-on accuracy and the fired rounds would go exactly where the sights were pointed.

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The Team Boost benefits the whole crew when completing a heist and it stacks if other players also has a skin with Team Boost. You will get 1 Safe and 1 Drill How do I open it? These are automatically added to your library. Without warning, a flight of F4 Phantoms swooped from the clouds, dropping cannisters of napalm. In moments, the forest below, from horizon to horizon and ground to sky, was a boiling inferno.

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The Road To Crimefest will see players team up to complete special objectives that will help to complete targets that will net the entire community rewards. Every goal reached means that the entire community will get a new piece of mystery content. If you want to see the content that has already been unlocked or if you want to see how close the community is to the goal, you can check this webpage for more information.

Progress is tracked on both the website and on Steam. Players have been experiencing problems with not being able to connect to CrimeNet the front-end that handles parties and matchmaking. As a way of apology, Overkill Software is going to give every player 10 million dollars of in-game money in a future update that will most likely coincide with the release of the updated CrimeNet. Share Have a tip for us?

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Apr 6, Flogger23m said: Overall, I think the game is very generic and rather dull. There really isn’t a single element of R6 in it. I know it is a beta, but these are my impressions:

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You do have a point here, though I don’t feel it warrants the level of song and dance it has received. Banning on a forum for cheating on achievements seems almost Forums are used for association with the community and for tech support, after all. Suspension and a deletion of the subject as to prevent spreading awareness of the achievement program seems like more of a rational response, but that’s just me. It would be better if there was a way for the devs to flag a user for achievement ‘demotion’ of some kind, but I suppose that’s a perfect world approach.

There is a thing on their forums saying that you can get unbanned if you follow a process to reset your progress, but that resets everything to absolute zero in a game that is already heavy on the grind. It just irks me that people are treating this kid like he’s spitting in people’s faces when this can barely be said to effect anyone but himself. I even understand how frustrating it can be to see scoreboards saturated with impossible, obviously hacked scores I recall Mirror’s Edge record times of 0: If it influenced other people’s gameplay?

I’d totally get that. Heh, not that his attitude is exactly exemplary, looking at his replies. The entire thing just stinks wall to wall, as is normal when groups of people start flinging poop.

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Downtown Fixed a navigation issue on Transport: Harbour Fixed an issue where the team AI spawned outside the container Fixed a lighting issue in Transport: Train Heist Added the Transport:

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Each brings new objectives, wrinkles to be ironed out and cops to be gifted with an early retirement, and the action can be spectacularly intense. Eagle Magpie While Payday 2 is effectively a Horde-style shooter, where you tackle wave after wave of enemies of increasing difficulty, the different missions and objectives help keep the gameplay fresh. Miami level in glorious first-person 3D. You can blame early days matchmaking issues for some of the problems, but Payday 2 can be every bit as frustrating as it can be thrilling.

To join a game, you need to log onto Crime. Net, a map which continually updates with open heists, each one with a map, a mission-giver and a mission, plus details on the difficulty level and the number of players already in the lobby or actively playing. Click on the open heist and you get more details plus an atmospheric audio recording, setting you up for the job to come.

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Get Money, Get Paid. Featuring the original cast from Payday ; Dallas, Hoxton, Chains and Wolf embark on another set of jobs to fulfill their insatiable lust for that paper. Overkill has pulled out all the punches and crammed everything they could into Payday 2, leaving players with a beautifully crafted crime simulator that will have everyone clamoring to pull off the perfect job. To find jobs in Payday 2, Overkill has introduced Crime-Net which is their online matchmaking system for crooks to group up.

By Ross Edwards Those of you who tried to purchase “Payday 2” at launch two years ago might remember it being something of a nightmare. According to .

The truth is “Payday 2,” for either console generation, There’s still hope, though. Crimewave Edition – Status Update 3 ‘Payday 2’ update fun but for the matchmaking glitches. Payday The Heist PC review: Paydaay a game can be harder than some of the levels: All Discussions to read these there just at the moment but I and allot of my freinds feel that some sort of matchmaking system that would really. Payday 2’s Xbox Is there matchmaking in payday 2 Matchmaking Being Remade to Address Problems “We’re making some christelijke dating site belgium weer amsterdam changes to how the matchmaking works in Payday 2 in There.

If your autobus, however, is to north up randomly with no — far and u the most simple and social way to ring — you’re out of note.

PAYDAY 2: Crimewave Edition – Status Update #2