Fans Lose Control Over EXO Xiumin’s New Profile Pic

I have been waiting for a big scandal to pop out! Where did they meet? Who came up to who first? Is this story legit? Just click that button please! First can I say wow? Seriously, this is soooooo random. Or an hour ago when AllKpop broke the story. Whatever, they made this thing a very big deal and it kind of is. I know I must be stupid, but with the name Sport Seoul you have to understand why I thought that way.

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Recently Z gets close with a blogger. Besides, this blogger recently came out that he is gay. Z and this blogger have been in frequent meeting vehemently thus making Z receives suspicion if he indirectly hints the fact that he is gay. This is only a mere doubt but Z’s friends who heard this news confirming that he’s gay. Especially member J from the same group, “Even though he doesnt admit to that extend, why do you have to make ‘the fact that everyone already knew’ as something new?

Y is known as girlgroup visual representative. She’s very pretty to the point of being the talks among male celebs and receives their approach but turns out Y’s significant other is not an entertainer. Recently on a cafe in Kangnam, Seoul, Y was often seen together with her boyfriend. She did her best on secret date with her boyfriend such as wearing mask even though it’s in the middle of the day, according to witness account. Y thinks in this cafe she feels safe because she won’t be bothered by other people’s stare but out of all places, a broadcast insider caught Y showing her affection coincidentally.

It is said that inside the cafe Y started all kind of daring affection with her boyfriend that can gather people attention.

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However, their 5-year journey not only witnesses their smiles but also includes a lot of difficulties, bitters and even tears. No matter where their world tour concerts took place, they always enchanted their fans with attractive performances. More especially, at the moment, they are still trying hard to bring the most perfect music products to their fans.

hey! just another astrology obsessed kpop fan (: as long as your request / ask is about kpop and astrology i’ll answer it, so ask away! ‹ 3 of 3.

None Favorite Fashion Style: Yoo Young Jin composer Celebrities they’re close with: He and Kai are roommates. He officially joined SM Entertainment in after winning a singing competition. He was a kid ulzzang. He is obsessed with cleaning. He is always tidy and likes to sort things by color, brands, and type. He is like the mother of the group. He always does the cooking and looks after the other members.

If he didn’t become a singer, he would’ve been a chef. His parents were very supportive of him becoming a singer. He said that he would one day want to become EXO’s fashion designer and hair stylist, to which the members unanimously said “No, Thanks.

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June 19, Comments Compiled: They have a lot of matching items and they’re on related searches” I’m coming Lesson learned, if you want to date your bias, try to debut in the same industry as your bias and work hard to be one of the recognized tier. I mean instead of sit in front of your computer and spazzing all day. At least make your life productive.

Girl’s Day Hyeri, Sojin, Minah seem to have short legs while Yura has naturally long legs Home» Idols» How skinny female idols’ legs are in real life. Idols she is close to are Kyuhyun of Super Junior, Zhou Mi and Henry of Super Junior M, Gyuri of KARA, and Tiffany of Girls Generation/SNSD.

Do you know what Yoon Jisung and Kang Daniel’s company is like? Sunday, June 11, Korean , News , Spoiler , Sweet ‘It’s that company that don’t release any albums for Eric Nam until he had to make a presentation about it. In a TV show, he even said that he wants to sing again. It’s that company that makes him do a rated show program. Eric finally had enough and spilled it on his SNS, all of reporters are on his side.

They don’t have any intention to debut the trainees and make them become back dancers instead.

Netizens criticise Girls Day for aloof attitude on broadcast : kpop

EXO adalah project SM dari tahun Teaser EXO berisi cuplikan-cuplikan lagu yang akan ada di albumnya nanti. Kai adalah member pertama yang diperkenalkan SM pada 23 Desember 4. Kai member pertama yang di rekrut SM 5. Belum debut EXO telah mempunyai banyak Antis 6.

Dating is a relatively common occurrence in the K-pop world, but marriages are nearly unheard of. On December 4, Eli of U-KISS revealed through a lengthy Instagram post that he had secretly gotten.

Korean online commenters, known as netizens, have found alleged proof of a rumored relationship between EXO member D. O and Girls’ Day’s Sojin. Rumors have surrounded the two idols for several months, and netizens continuously produce material to try and convince others of the relationship with pictures from social media accounts. Beginning in January, Korean netizens have published accounts of Sojin and D. O’s relationship on popular Korean portal websites such as Pann and Instiz.

The latest post, shared on Instiz in March, showed the EXO and Girl’s Day member both wearing similar pairs of sneakers with black and white hearts. Her Instagram account has since become private.

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Sojin was born in , while all the other members were born in the nineties. Yura , Minah , Hyeri Sojin now became 30 years old in Korean age, and she is one of the few female kpop idols who are in their 30s. Actually, Girl’s Day’s agency removed Sojin’s date of birth from her profile of Korean portal site Naver. It seems that they don’t want to disappoint Girl’s Day fans. Anyway, Sojin talked about a generation gap between her and the other Girl’s Day members. Let’s see what she talked about.

They all would like a feminine girl – though I do see Chen and Chanyeol liking a girl who has a bit of an edgier side but this wouldn’t bother them that they were girly, and Kyungsoo does love feminine girls so I don’t see this bothering him one bit.

Are They Reaching Their End? A group which has been most known for their previous but not initial member line-up consisting of Gyuri, Hara, Jiyoung, Seungyeon and Nicole have basically been torn apart with the leave of their rapper and their youngest. However, every group has to fall from their height, and though some can argue that they were already gradually decreasing post-Mister era, we can all agree that they have reached their rock bottom with the member change, as noted above, Nicole and Jiyoung saying their ‘goodbye’s early from the group and leaving KARA as three instead of their powerful five.

With what some call the money-hungry company shadowing the five after their split in half, they have had their eyes on repairing the group and replacing the two lost with two gained, starting a reality show entitled, the KARA Project, for eager fans to shit themselves watching and voting on who really is eligible out of the seven candidates to be in KARA.

All the videos of the contestants are located below, their order as follows: Out of all seven of the girls, I would say all of them have some potential for some market that KARA targets. Whether it be South Korea in general, Japan in general, people who dislike the lacking of KARA’s vocal talent, people who value dance and more and though many people do not agree, I would say that all of them would have not been picked if DSP did not recognize their qualities.

Before I start analyzing the girls, I want to note how I feel as if this program and member addition is somewhat betraying the fans

Confirmado: Sojin de Girls Day y Eddy Kim ahora son novios

History[ edit ] — Trainee Yuji was the first to join when a JYP girl group failed to debut. Yuji contacted the trainees Hani, Haeryeong, and Junghwa to audition for AB, and all three were subsequently accepted into the agency. The group added a fifth member when Shinsadong Tiger discovered LE , an underground rapper and songwriter who performed under the name Elly. Dami, who was already an AB trainee, was the sixth and last member added to the group.

Countdown , and then performed on Music Core and Inkigayo.

The sad thing is that everywhere it says “gone crazy” but it makes more sense for it to say “going crazy” He’s just saying it really fast like “goin’ crazy”.

The audio can be found here [instiz]. A Pink’s reps denied it was the members while SM reps confirmed it was EXO talking with a non-celebrity female friend. EXO A Pink’s inappropriate game conversation controversy Herald News via Nate [2] 1. They really sounded close. Who would believe a lie saying they don’t know each other. Why would they talk about their dorm address? In specific detail like the house number.

You better be telling the truth before the 21 minute clip gets released. And the netizens are all claiming it’s A Pink unless you’re deaf and their names are all being tossed around so there’s not much they can do to block the hate they’re getting. And about the people saying the clip was manipulated

[EXO NEWS] Netizens Gets Roasted After NINE MUSES “SOJIN” Shared a Dance Cover Video of EXO’s ”Eve’