Steph Wechsler Digital photography and the capacity to edit pictures quickly and affordably have reopened debate over what editorializing means in images and the nature of photojournalistic neutrality, says award-winning photographer Peter Bregg. New technologies have expanded the options for manipulating photographs, Bregg said during a panel discussion organized by the Ryerson Journalism Research Centre: War Photographs in Print, The pair discussed the evolution of war photography, photojournalism trends, neutrality and how the meaning of images can change depending on the audience and where they are displayed. You can darken the highlights in the sunshine so it looks okay. The rules, however, have not put an end to debates about photo manipulation.

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Romantic Collage Ideas By: William McCoy Whether you’re in a new relationship or have been married for years, building a collage with mementos from you and your partner is a creative way to express your love. You can choose to partake in this activity together or create a collage on your own to present to your significant other on a special occasion, such as an anniversary or birthday. A romantic collage should include photos of you and your significant other.

About Personals Ryerson University (Toronto) Blind dates are fun, but don’t forget to trust your instincts. For a safer dating experience read the Safety Tips.

It seems hard to believe that a tall, hulking block made from huge amounts of material and consuming huge amounts of energy could ever be anything other than bad for our fragile environment. It is a celebrated residential tower which its designers have made to be literally green by covering it with plants. Its green features include rooftop wind turbines, rainwater collection and re-use, dual-layered insulation, energy-saving devices, and combined heating and cooling — giving it a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design LEED platinum rating.

Add in LED lighting, triple glazing, natural ventilation systems and heat harvested from the ground, and you have a block that uses and loses much less heat and energy than is usual. Recycling points are on each floor. And as for water? The area was planned as a new town in the Forties by the late Sir Geoffrey Jellicoe — who was himself a pioneer of architecture that mixed technology with supposedly green credentials. In the Sixties, Jellicoe proposed a plan for an even grander new eco town near Staines, Middlesex, of connected tower blocks called Motopia, where cars would, incredibly, travel on the roofs of the buildings — all of which were to be set in generous parkland.

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Mail icon HitchBOT’s co-creators Frauke Zeller and David Smith said Monday that they’ve been overwhelmed with support and offers to revive the robot since it was vandalized beyond repair on the streets of Philadelphia on Saturday and they are considering rebuilding it. The robot was on a hitchhiking, social experiment adventure in the U. Strangers helped hitchBOT travel from place to place while checking items off its bucket list.

Ariella Lenton-Brym is a graduate student in the Department of Psychology at Ryerson University in Toronto. She is currently conducting research on social anxiety in intimate relationships. For more information about her study, Social Anxiety Study. Dr. Martin M. Antony is a professor in the Department of Psychology at Ryerson University in Toronto.

The Great Canadian White Collection is a series of comic books published between the years to This post will also discuss the use of the main character, Dizzy Don, who is the protagonist of this comic book intended for children, and some of the influential effects this text has. Understanding how hard the toll of the war was on the Canadians at home, the easygoing nature of the comic book genre can be seen as a stress-reliever suitable for all.

Canadianization Dating back to the moment in World War 2 where Canada joined the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan, Canada provided an indispensable amount of contribution to the generation of British air power. Despite the eventual success due to the tag teaming by both the Canadian air force and the British, Canada made sure to enforce the continued national identification of their personnel. The reason being that national identification allowed for the increase of Canadian political independence.

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Though there is archaeological evidence that societies have been living in Nigeria for more than twenty-five hundred years, the borders of modern Nigeria were not created until the British consolidated their colonial power over the area in The name Nigeria was suggested by British journalist Flora Shaw in the s. She referred to the area as Nigeria, after the Niger River, which dominates much of the country’s landscape.

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The two most obvious are the earliest and the latest, separated by slightly more than a century. In a plan of the newly founded school was conceived by two of its trustees, Martin Ryerson and Charles L. Hutchinson, and plotted by Chicago architect Henry Ives Cobb. That space, now known as the Main Quadrangles and clearly perceptible as the heart of the university, was outfitted with buildings based on the English Gothic model of Oxford University. Several of the early components of the grouping were designed by Cobb himself, the oldest of them Cobb Hall , named for a benefactor, not the architect , and Ryerson Physical Laboratory and Kent Chemical Laboratory , each dating from Thereafter, commissions were awarded to various offices for individual buildings, but the Gothic manner was kept intact.

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ThriveRU, focuses on preventive mental health and seeks to reduce the need for crisis intervention, while Wellness Wednesdays promote accessible group fitness and holistic education. Representing ThriveRU, Brecher has begun speaking to existing student groups about goal setting, mindfulness, and self-care. The program will soon begin to host its own workshops using the same teachings, which aim to motivate students in developing hea Ryerson psychologist, Diana Brecher, speaks to journalism students about ThriveRU, a new preventive mental health program launching this month.

By the end of faculty members and student employees will have adequate training in the principles of ThriveRU and the program can then be thoroughly rolled out, Brecher said. Sessions will range from nutrition information to fitness classes, and Taylor said a schedule will become available in the next two weeks.

Perhaps the most exciting offer is a drop-in pool movie.

The DMZ, Toronto, Ontario. K likes. The DMZ is a world-leading growth accelerator, home to Canada’s most promising tech startups. Helping 5/5(35).

Statistics find U of O to have fastest growth of users on SeekingArrangement. The Las Vegas-based website acts as a platform for young men or women sugar babies to seek a relationship with older and wealthier men or women sugar daddies and mommies in which the sugar baby will receive financial benefits from his or her partner. The figures are based on the number of users registered on the site using their university email address and show a per-cent increase in registration since According to the statistics, overall student enrolment on the website jumped by almost 50 per cent.

Jennifer Gwynn, public relations manager for the site, explained what a sugar baby is. A lot of our story right now is college students who are joining, because they want some assistance with school. After initial meeting and communication through the site, users are able to foster a relationship on their own terms, including what they are financially expecting and willing to offer.

Schools in Ontario have experienced the most growth in registration. Ryerson University, the University of Ottawa, and the University of Toronto place first, second, and third on the list, respectively. Student opinions on the website are mixed. No, it does not come across as a healthy relationship.

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January 24th, , 6: Even inadvertent eye contact such as crossing the street or a quick glance can become burdensome to the average Toronto women. Sometimes one might have to cross the street without looking or drive through an intersection without looking, because getting hit by a car is far safer than getting into confrontation with a Toronto woman.

Dating sites, à la eHarmony, OKCupid and , have used top-secret algorithms to match singles for almost two decades. However, a unique breed of smartphone apps — think Tinder and Grindr — focused on instant matching have revolutionized the dating market.

The author demonstrates a clear interest in Lejre, the ancient seat of power close to Roskilde on Sealand. Although the Vikings have a popular reputation as being raiders, they were also farmers, traders and explorers, and the craftsmanship seen in this jewelry demonstrates their artistic skills. He can’t say for sure who would have worn it, but it “certainly was a person with connections to the elite milieu of the Viking age.

The waffle gold is in some areas covered with transparent red glass or semiprecious stones and forming an equal-armed cross,” writes Kastholm in the paper. The Danish court is powerless to guard against the beast until the arrival of Beowulf, from the land of the Geats in modern-day Sweden, who kills Grendel and then descends under the sea and defeats the monster’s mother. Several pieces of Viking jewelry, some of which contain gold, have been uncovered at a farm site in Denmark that dates as far back as 1, years.

Although most likely conceived as a separate work, the chronicle owes its preservation to the fact that it was inserted in the Annales Lundenses. A version in Old Swedish may go back to a fuller and more original Latin text than the one preserved. According to Gertz the chronicle was written by a cleric with connections to the diocese of Roskilde, since the city of Roskilde and its surroundings, including the legendary royal residence of Lejre and its kings, play such a prominent role in the text.

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Ryerson University (commonly referred to as Ryerson) is a public research university in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Its urban campus surrounds the Yonge-Dundas Square, located at one of the busiest intersections in downtown Toronto.

Journal of Quaternary Science 27 4: A complete and easily accessible means of calculating surface exposure ages or erosion rates from 10Be and 26Al measurements. Vegetation and climate during the last 30, years in Ladakh. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 73 1—2: Holocene monsoonal dynamics and fluvial terrace formation in the northwest Himalaya, India. Quaternary Science Reviews Principal features of tectonic deformation and their generation mechanism in the Hexi Corridor and its adjacent regions since late Quaternary [PhD dissertation].

Institute of Geology, China Seismological Bureau. Geomorphological applications of cosmogenic isotope analysis. Progress in Physical Geography 28 1: Terrestrial in situ cosmogenic nuclides:

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What Philly should do about bike-lane safety Readers respond Parking-protected bike lanes are considered among the safest designs for cyclists because they separate bikes from moving traffic. Still, Ryerson, a University of Pennsylvania professor of city and regional planning, wanted a more scientific way to quantify that feeling of safety.

The research is only in a pilot stage now, but with enough data Ryerson believes the glasses could be used to improve street design by making it more in tune with the way people see and react to a city environment. With enough profiles of pedestrians, the information could be fed into driverless car software to teach it how human beings travel through city streets. The plan for that program includes more protected bike lanes in the city and redesigned sidewalks and intersections.

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White students barred from meeting at Ryerson University because they were not ‘racialized’